Chiropractie Brunssum Fitzgerald | Treatment, Kinesiotaping.


What is Kinesiotaping ?

Kinesiotaping is a taping method applied over muscles to reduce muscle pain and inflammation, relax tired, overused muscles and support the healing process during the whole day.

When is Kinesiotaping applied ?

The Kinesio tape is externally applied over the muscles to be treated. The tape is not restrictive and allows all movement. This tape has a wide scope of usage, ranging from joint dysfunction, muscle disorders, lymphedema, neurological disorders, headaches, foot problems, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back strain, back pain with subluxation or hernia, knee and shoulder pain. For stabilization and support during sporting events the traditional sports tape may still be used.

How does Kinesiotaping work ?

The application of the tape increases the space between the skin and the muscle. This reduces the pressure, improves circulation and lymphatic drainage and reduces irritation of the subcutaneous neural pain receptors. Moreover, the stretch component of the tape supports tired, weakened and strained muscles. This provides, as a final result, a decrease in pain, swelling and muscle spasms, and that stimulates the natural healing process.

kinesiotaping shoulder

kinesiotaping foot