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Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

What is the FMS ?

Functional Movement Screen is a training philosophy in which the fundamental normal movement patterns can be documented on the basis of a standardized scoring system and, depending on the results of the score, customized training exercises are recommended to correct the dysfunctional movement pattern.

How does the FMS work ?

The philosophy behind the FMS lies in the fact that, in order to improve performance and prevent injury, the whole body needs to function properly. Functional limitations and asymmetries that increase the risk of injury need to be identified. If we see the body as a chain of connected elements, then it is logical and plausible that a weak link affects the entire chain. With the FMS it is possible to detect the weak link that potentially affects the movement chain negatively, and correct that before injury occurs or performance suffers. The FMS also enhances your body awareness.
The FMS establishes a baseline score with regards to the problem areas. Based on this score, a program is designed just for you with safe and appropriate corrective exercises. Your score is measured regularly so that your improvement will be monitored and the exercises be adapted and progressed.

What are the advantages of the FMS ?

The FMS focuses on fundamental movement patterns.
The FMS identifies imbalances, restrictions, or weaknesses in fundamental movement patterns.
The FMS provides a functional baseline to document and analyze progress.
The FMS reduces the risk of injuries during sports and exercise.
The FMS increases your body's performance.
The FMS improves communication between client and medical professional.
The FMS improves patient/client satisfaction. You get results.

functional movement screen of patient