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Flexion Distraction

What is Flexion Distraction ?

Flexion Distraction (flexion and extension) is a manipulation technique in which the vertebral disc is decompressed, often in a series of repeated slow movements. The lower back of the patient is moved from a soft stretch or traction into flexion at the waist while a hand contact is made on the vertebra. This technique is usually applied to patients with spinal disc problems, but can also be used to mobilize other joints in a gentle way.

How does Flexion Distraction work ?

The Flexion Distraction technique is applied on a treatment table and aims to restore the movement of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal joints back into their normal physiological range. It is a gentle, non-invasive technique and uses the natural movement of the body to enable optimal healing.

What are the benefits of Flexion Distraction ?

The beneficial effects of Flexion Distraction technique include the transfer of metabolites (nourishment and waste) into and from the spinal disc, reducing the pressure in the disc itself and decompressing inflamed and compressed spinal nerve roots.
Studies show that more than 2 in 3 patients achieved excellent results and good improvement marks with a standard treatment program of 12 treatments.

treatment of patient on the flexion distraction table